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Halve Your Bagel

HalveYourBagel brought to you by the family who invented the Bagel Machine. We do our best to bring our customers the industry’s highest quality standards. This sturdy commercial kitchen utensil will hold for safely slicing refrigerated or fresh out the oven bagels, nearly every size. Used by professionals and home kitchens. Also works with muffins,croissants, ciabatta, rolls, buns and much more! Our slicers are proudly manufactured in the U.S using the highest quality materials and backed by our guarantee.

“My family has been in the bagel industry for well over 150 years.  My grandfather Daniel Thompson is the man who invented the first industrial bagel former. Bagel slicing accidents happen a lot more than most people think.  It has been reported by emergency rooms that bagel slicing accidents are among the highest sustained morning injuries and in 2020 are responsible for more than 3,000 ER visits in the United States alone.”


Daniel Thompson II