Ultra Sharp Bagel Knife

Are you interested in adding branded merchandise in your bagel shop, cafe, or online presence?

Halve Your Bagel offers private labeling and wholesale packages for the bagel shop that is looking to increase their merchandise offerings or ensure safety of their employees and customers.

We will work with you to select a logo that will be stamped onto your own branded bagel slicer that you can sell.

If you are interested in wholesale pricing for larger orders, we can provide options.

Contact us today to discuss options for private labeling and wholesale pricing.

How does it work?

Email halveyourbagel@bagelproducts.com and we will discuss your goals for private labeling and wholesaling. We will create a mock up for what your branded bagel slicer will look like. We have packages for private labeling and wholesaling available as well as custom packages to fit your bagel slicing needs.